Press Release - March 8th, 2022

Released at: March 08, 2022
Contact: Dan Bridges


For Immediate Release - March 8, 2022

Dan Bridges Announces Candidacy for Idaho State Senator - District 18

Idaho’s District 18 is the economic engine that drives Idaho. It is blessed, among other things, with world-class education, Boise State University, and a beacon of high technology prowess, Micron Technology. Some of the most innovative thinking and engineering in the world is done right here in this emerald city in the high desert. Combine that with the hundreds of other thriving businesses and organizations and District 18 stands as a rugged, pioneering place that can be an inspiration to anyone.

“I am extremely proud to live in one of the most vibrant and beautiful areas in the world. My goal in this campaign is to highlight the people of this district and their dreams and accomplishments. Idahoans love to Live Free and Dream Big. State government must be lean and agile in order meet their needs. I will work tirelessly to help create great jobs, maximize opportunity, and protect the liberty and freedom we hold so dear. I’ll practice basic respect and common sense day in and day out, never forgetting that we live in a free and prosperous Nation because of the hard work and sacrifices of generations. It’s the citizens of Idaho that make it great.”

Dan is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and is a decorated war veteran having served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as an Air Force pilot. As a longtime commercial pilot, he has decades of experience in accurately evaluating a challenging environment, determining the best options, working professionally with diverse fellow crew members, and, most importantly, getting his valued passengers to the important things in their lives safely and efficiently. He’s also served as a Boy Scout leader(both he and his sons are Eagle Scouts), homeowner’s association president, chairman of a church preschool, and on the board of the Good Samaritan Home.

“I look forward to visiting the neighborhoods of District 18 in the coming months and hearing the amazing stories of my neighbors. I also want to hear their worries and concerns and take it all to the State Senate to do my part in ensuring liberty and opportunity for this generation as well as the next. I invite my friends and neighbors to join me on this journey. It’s going to be fun, because we all know Idaho Rocks…after all, we are the Gem State (sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I’m a dad).”