About Me

003.jpegI humbly ask for Your Vote on November 8th, 2022.

My dad taught me the value of hard work. My mom the value of honesty. As a young man looking to college, I knew there wasn't money to pay for it. But I was very fortunate. I was blessed with a strong mind and wonderful family and friends who pushed me to excel in school. Early on I made the decision that I wanted to serve my country in some way. I didn't want to live a life of freedom always feeling that it was paid for with someone else's sacrifice. So I applied for and won an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. Upon graduation, I attended pilot training and eventually served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as an aircraft commander on KC-135Rs, leading numerous 40+ ship refueling missions during the first week of the conflict. Just prior, I spent many weeks sitting on alert at the end of a runway in Oklahoma prepared at a moment's notice to refuel B-52s on their way to the USSR in the case of a nuclear conflict. Some things in life bring great clarity to what we often take for granted on a daily basis. We need simply look to Ukraine today to understand the stakes at hand and the blessings we enjoy in this great Republic; this great experiment we call democracy.


I am no longer a young man. Most of the last two decades have been spent working and caring for my family - my choice and pride. They are the love of my life. My children are almost grown and my hope is that they and their children will know and cherish the freedom and opportunities of this Nation just as I have. With a population of 332 million, we find ourselves in fractureous times - the pandemic has not helped. This is why I have offered myself as a candidate to be your voice in the State Senate. I'm hopeful that there is yet another way I can serve this Nation and State I love.

Some, notably President Ronald Reagan, have said that this Nation is a shining city on a hill. I must beg to differ in a small way. My conviction is that the greatness of this Nation is not that we are the shining city on a hill, but that we wish to be that city. With each generation since our founding, we have trudged and climbed and struggled up the mountain. It is a climb no people or nation on Earth has come close to achieving. It may yet be impossible. But if there is any Nation on this planet that can lead the way - it is We. The world is strewn with the grave markers of brave young Americans dedicated to this very proposition.

Over the next few months I hope to walk the neighborhoods of District 18 here in the great state of Idaho. It is one of the last places on Earth that still breathes a pioneer spirit that speaks to the deepest desires and hopes of humanity - to live free. That freedom allows each of us the opportunity to find and practice our personal greatness. Not fame or fortune or even an easy life, but the chance to find that unique and personal something that we can offer to our families, community, and world. If found, joy and happiness is within reach.

When I knock on your door, I will offer a smile and an outstretched hand. If you choose to open it, I'm hopeful to hear your stories. Tell me about your children or grandchildren, about the whopper of a rainbow trout you landed, or the business you are building. Tell me your concerns as well. I will listen and be ready to serve. If, the next time we meet, I do not remember your name, please reintroduce yourself. I have been blessed with many things, but a good memory for names is not one of them. It may take me a time or two to remember, but when I do my life will be all the richer. We live in a great District. It is the economic engine of Idaho. But there are still more steps to climb to be that shining city we wish to be. Let us continue the journey together.